ALGO/gALGO LP tokens


On Algorand liquidity is usually scattered into multiple different platforms and you have acknowledged this. You have introduced lending pools to solve this issue.
I have thought that isn’t it possible to also add ALGO/gALGO LP (Tinyman, Pact, Humble) tokens into Folks Finance platform same way you have gALGO token? This means that it can’t be borrowed, but only deposit it and use as collateral.
ALGO & gALGO both have same 65% collateral level and they both have deep liquidity. Adding ALGO/gALGO LP tokens into platform almost means same than adding plain ALGO coins or gALGO tokens. Of course in case of liquidation protocol first have to redeem those tokens from the LP platform, but is that really an issue? It causes some delay, but it is only some seconds, so is it deal breaker?

I know ALGO/gALGO lending pool already exists, but some people might want to keep their tokens into different platforms or just use those plain vanilla liquidity pools when they are adding liquidity into ecosystem and only afterwards face need for collateral. So if there is no actual protocol critical reason not to add, I think this only benefits Folks Finance and whole Algorand ecosystem, because it offers more options to operate and move tied liquidity around.

Best regards,

Hey Roam, atm we don’t have any plans to integrate Lending pools as collateral, but one Dex showed us interest in having the lending pools. So eventually people will have another platform to provide liquidity