Can we list goUSD


I ask you to list goUSD.


goUSD differs from other stablecoins in a way that it has backed by multiple other stablecoins (USDC, USDt, xUSD) and is easy to create and exit (conversion between tokens via Algomint basket).

goUSD has deep liquidity, over 900k TVL (compared to GARD’s 97k TVL). Many deep LP pairs against other USD stablecoins and basically only pair against GOLD$ and SILVER$.

I want to hear other people’s opinions with arguments, for and against.

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  1. backed by USDt which is still a no go imho

  2. also they are not doing a great job of balancing the risks of the backed assets. afaik each of the stablecoins could be drained if one of those “fail” in some way. there is no official process to see why which one got added, most people probably dont even know that xUSD backs goUSD now

USDt is already listed, so why goUSD can’t be? Can be first with 0% collateral and when backing/basket procedure is clear, collateral factor can be added.

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ok 0% collateral factor would be fine

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We are actively working with Algomint so stay tuned for any updates

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