New listing: EURS


This publication provides an overview of the decision to list EURS (STASIS EURO) on Folks Finance.


EURS is the largest euro-backed digital asset and is a fully collateralized stablecoin backed at 1:1 with Euro. All EURS tokens are backed by the company’s collateral reserves.


The introduction of EURS to Folks Finance underscores several strategic angles:

  • Capital Influx: The inclusion of EURS will bring external liquidity to the Folks Finance protocol. This could significantly boost the Total Value Locked (TVL) in the Folks Finance protocol.

  • Asset Diversification: Adding EURS enhances the diversity of assets available on Folks Finance. Users will be afforded greater flexibility in their choices, from a simple EURS holding to more intricate strategies, potentially intertwining EURS with other assets in the Folks Finance ecosystem. Liquidity providers could unlock novel opportunities and products by leveraging EURS. The community also expressed a great interest in having a EUR stablecoin in the lending market.

Note: A lending pool EURS/USDC and EURS/ALGO will be created. Farming rewards will be allocated on top of them to bootstrap adoption on Algorand.


ASA ID: 227855942

Parameter Value
Collateral Factor 70%
Borrow Factor 100%
Liquidation Max 50%
Liquidation Bonus 8%
Liquidation Fee 10%
Collateral Cap ($) 15.000
Variable Base Rate (RV0) 1.75%
Variable Slope 1 Rate (RV1) 5%
Variable Slope 2 Rate (RV2) 100%
Stable Additional Base Rate (RS0) 2%
Stable Slope 1 Rate (RS1) 2%
Stable Slope 2 Rate (RS2) 100%
Stable Excess Rate (RS3) 25%
Optimal Utilisation Ratio (Uopt) 75%
Optimal Stable to Total Debt Ratio (Oratio) 20%
Rebalance Up Utilisation Ratio (URU) 95%
Rebalance Up Deposit Interest Rate Percentage (DIRRU) 40%
Rebalance Down Delta (RD) 20%
Retention Rate (RR) 10%
Flash Loan Fee 0.1%
Borrow Cap ($) 30.000
Single Stable Borrow Percentage Cap 6.2%
Stable Efficiency Mode
Collateral Factor 80%
Borrow Factor 100%
Collateral Cap ($) 15.000
Liquidation Max 50%
Liquidation Bonus 6%
Liquidation Fee 10%