New listing: wMPL


This publication is intended to give the community an overview of the decision to add wMPL to Folks Finance.


wMPL (Wormhole) is a bridged version of MPL on Algorand. MAPLE is the native token of Maple Finance protocol used for participating in governance, earning fees, and staking.

wMPL will only be added as a borrowable asset, which means it will have Collateral Factor (CF) of 0%


The addition of wMPL to Folks Finance represents the start of a strategic partnership between the Maple Finance and Folks Finance team.

  • Attracting Capital: Folks Finance received interest on this listing which will translate into new liquidity coming to Algorand and increasing the protocol TVL

  • Asset Diversification: The listing of wMPL expands the range of assets available on Folks Finance. This gives users more choice and diversification options. Liquidity providers can benefit from new investment opportunities for their strategies and other products that could be developed using wMPL. Traders and investors can create more complex and tailored investment strategies, leveraging wMPL in combination with other assets on the platform.

  • Cross-pollination: The wMPL listing will create a link between the two communities, leading to new user acquisition and potential new partnerships.


Ticker: wMPL(Wormhole)

ASA ID: 1163259470

Parameter Value
Collateral Factor 0%
Borrow Factor 120%
Liquidation Max 50%
Liquidation Bonus -
Liquidation Fee -
Collateral Cap ($) -
Variable Base Rate (RV0) 0%
Variable Slope 1 Rate (RV1) 8.5%
Variable Slope 2 Rate (RV2) 200%
Stable Additional Base Rate (RS0) 1%
Stable Slope 1 Rate (RS1) 2%
Stable Slope 2 Rate (RS2) 200%
Stable Excess Rate (RS3) 40%
Optimal Utilisation Ratio (Uopt) 55%
Optimal Stable to Total Debt Ratio (Oratio) 20%
Rebalance Up Utilisation Ratio (URU) 85%
Rebalance Up Deposit Interest Rate Percentage (DIRRU) 47.5%
Rebalance Down Delta (RD) 20%
Retention Rate (RR) 10%
Flash Loan Fee 0.1%
Borrow Cap ($) 50,000
Single Stable Borrow Percentage Cap 6.5%

why is MPL an interesting asset? is this part of a partnership because i dont see a way why you would list it if it isnt. it seems like a random governance asset which adds no value to the ecosystem by glancing over it…

I thought this day will never come, but I kind of have to agree with you @lobo :sweat_smile:. I think there are much more needed tokens first in line, like GOLD$, SILVER$, goUSD and xUSD. This sounds weird and questions how these tokens are selected. makes no sense.

But on the other hand, it is good to get more tokens listed if there is some initial liquidity.

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Yes, as I mentioned in the “motivation” this is the start of a strategic partnership between Maple and FF

Could you clarify why Maple is an interesting protocol and why the partnership will be beneficial for FF?

With SOL and AVAX its pretty clear why these are interesting assets, but listing a governance token of an unknown protocol (have never heard of it and the TVL of it looks good in comparison to Algorand protocols but small when looking at protocols in general on Ethereum) and making us have to research what Maple even is is a bit weird.

Maple is one of the pioneers in lending for institutions. FF received interest in the listing, which means that external liquidity will flow to Algorand/Folks. In addition, the start of this collab could lead to new collaborations in future