Request for discussion for voting system for new xALGO

Hey everyone, Ibu Karel here. With the upcoming launch of xALGO, it’s important we discuss how xALGO minters will vote in Governance.

Technical limitations prevent xALGO minters from voting in governance directly. We’d like to open a conversation about how you all would like to distribute the votes those xALGO have a right to.

Some ideas include:

- Distributing all xALGO votes proportionally to how Liquid Governors voted. For example, if a proposal was voted upon 60% for option A, 40% for option B, the xALGO votes would be also be distributed 60% for A, 40% for B.

- Defaulting all votes to support the Algorand Foundation’s recommendation.

But we’d love to hear if any of you have ideas about this! Do you like those ideas, do you think we should do something in the middle, or something totally different?

Please leave comments below and invite your friends to join in the discussion.


I would support this. I believe this is how the Folks community voted to handle non-voting liquid governors on Algorand. It seems the easiest solution and simplicity is attractive. If the potential xALGO Gov decides to get more heavily invested in the voting process, then they would likely start using Folks but on the ALGO chain as well, which benefits all involved.


I second that motion.


I am of the opinion that (the Xalgos) should not influence the decisions made by the active liquid governors in any way, so I would be to distribute as proposed the votes proportionally, rather than favoring the choice suggested by the foundation that in principle cannot vote.