Where would you like to see gALGO integrations/utility?

We’re continuing to build out the gALGO ecosystem. Where would you like to be able to spend or use your gALGO, in a dream scenario?


Coinbase and Binance come to mind as ideal for opening up more trading fees to liquidity providers and opportunity for arbitrage. More incentives such as PactFi Folks Boost for gAlgo/Algo LP holders, given that their stableswap pool seems very beneficial to liquidity but the lower trading fees vs the first pool make it not as attractive to some.


CEXs are definitely in our sights.


Curious if anyone from Folks has seen this yet:
When I saw it described on Twitter as a messaging system that would allow you to embed payments upon reading with various customizable parameters I immediately thought of Folks Finance Academy integration. If I’m not mistaken this was discussed about using a Learn 2 Earn model and I would love to see this sort of partnership using tools already in the ecosystem. Maybe even with Vybe as well, though I don’t see as direct an application as with Hokr at the moment.