xGov Integration for Folks Finance

I’m curious how soon we can expect to see progress or community engagement in the development of Folks’ xGov portal and whether it will be available in time for the first xGov implementation. With the announcement of Benedetto as one of the Governance Advisory Committee on DeFi, I assume progress has been made on this front with Adri and Stephan. Any additional information would be appreciated when available!

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The integration with xGovs is still in discussion with AF, there will be a call this week and we will be able to provide more useful updates. For now, just be aware that we are looking for it!

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Thank you sir! I know with you on the job we’re in good hands!

Hi, is there some update on how to vote with xGov at folks finance?

I have selected to become xGov in period 7, and now I would like to do xGov voting.


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This is a guide that was made on voting for xGov:

You can check your status and vote from this link:

You’ll need to connect with the wallet that you opted into xGov through Folks and your voting power should show up if it’s the correct wallet.

I know how to vote in xGov using standard account.

I did have xGov commitment with my account because i hold AMM ASAs. I also used the leveraged xGov commitment with my algos on the same account.

I assume that folks finance creates escrow which is signed up to the governance. To be able to vote in xGov platform from the escrow I assume there needs to be some interface to vote, the same way as with the general governance.

My voting power in xGov with the account is only the voting power from the AMM incentive program, so i wonder how to vote with folks finance’s balance.

@averagezen Daniel, your voting power is combined from the folks finance and amm incentive program, or do you have account where you used only folks finance and you see your voting power in xGov platform?

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Folks won’t have an xGov interface to vote. The xGov link I provided should consolidate all voting power for a given connected wallet. Anything more specific than that I couldn’t tell you. I would suggest connecting any xGov opted-in wallets to the site and see if your voting power reflects all of your estimated rewards from last quarter.

I would like to have confirmation that someone have balance from folks finance available at xGov.

If that is true, than the xGov program has bug that they accounted just my amm incentivization and not assets from folks finance, and I can take it to the algorand forum and Adri to check.

I am sure that algorand did not want to do agregation because they would have done it for the delegation they had in the specs which they decided not to implement after i pinpointed that it does not work in testnet.

Anybody knows how can I found out exact amount on how much i have committed in folks in period 7?

You should be able to see your past commitment/rewards by going to https://app.folks.finance/algo-liquid-governance and under “Expected Rewards”, click “Past Rewards”

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Thank you… I see the same amount as I see my voting power in the xGovs…

My main account i delegated to another account, and it seems that the delegated account holds the voting power for my amm balance… Is there some way to check the expected rewards from the official gov page?

So the delegation seems to work :slight_smile: (Except of double delegation)

Thanks for helping resolving this

Sorry I don’t understand the question. Are you asking if you can see the expected rewards for the current governance period from the official gov page? If that is your question then I don’t believe so